Play Xbox One Games on Your PC!

We are excited to introduce you the first working Xbox One emulator.
After months of hard dedicated work, tweaking and optimization we finally made it work smoothly and properly without any errors.
Xbox One Emux is supported for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and successfully tested and working on all of them before it got officially released. The latest final version 1.2.0 (upgraded from beta) is made in May 2014 by group of Indonesian programmers and passionate gamers who are making various applications over the web, and Xbox One Emux is one of them.

Beside just Xbox One games, our emulator is able to run all Xbox 360 games as well, so actually you have two gaming consoles built inside one software!

Xbox One Emulator

Download Here


Instructions & User Manual

Our emulator's interface is detailed made to be user-friendly for everyone. There is also support button added if you stuck at something to easily get help from the integrated explanation manual built inside.
Here comes some instructions for downloading, installing, and how to use it:

1. Download the emulator from the link above.
2. Extract it from .zip archive using your favorite extract software (WinRar/7Zip/WinZip etc.)
3. Run it, and now you can already start with loading and playing your desired game as our emulator has BIOS built inside already, so you don't have to separately download it like it's familiar case for many other emulators.
You can load game by two ways: The first one is from .ISO file and the second one is from a game disc. You do this by going to Game and Play > Load game and select your desired option.
The best places to find Xbox One games are warez forums and torrent sites. Do a Google search for same because here we will not advertise which are the best ones.